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Make me choose asked by Anon: Lady Mae or Rose Selfridge

Do you want to make me choose?

41 Aug 19th


Mr Gordon Selfridge helping to adjust Violette Selfridge’s headgear before the start. A tiny Moth aeroplane started on its way around the world from Stag Lane Aerodrome, London, piloted by the Vicomte Jacques de Sibour, and his wife, who was formerly Miss Violette Selfridge, the second daughter of Mr Gordon Selfridge.

2 Aug 19th


~Mr Selfridge Additional Scenes in PBS Airings~

PBS Season 2, Episode 1 - Original UK Episode Series 2, Episode 1

  • Added scene with George, Gordon, Dave, and Ed in the loading bay
  • A few seconds added to Agnes struggling with the chandelier (I think my phone cropped it out when I emailed it to myself… but the next added bit is the scene after so)
  • Added scene with George looking at Delphine’s book

PBS Season 2, Episode 1 - Original UK Episode Series 2, Episode 2

  • Added lines in the scene with Agnes and Miss Plunkett

Recorded all with my phone, so sorry about the quality.

Being that we had added stuff here, and the documentary about Selfridges airing to fill out the rest of the second hour instead of interviews, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have some actual meaty added scenes in the upcoming episodes ala Downton.

For those wondering what this is all about, here is the FAQ I made for the Downton added scenes. Not all applies, but it’s similar with both being series airing originally in the UK on ITV. If we get more added scenes, I’ll write up a Mr S specific one.

10 Aug 18th
131 Aug 17th


Mr Selfridge, Series 1, Behind the Scenes

199 Aug 17th
32 Aug 12th
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Voice of Aladdin says goodbye to his Genie

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