All my ITV paraphernalia here at the last read-through for series 3, nearly finished! pic.twitter.com/dZgDzDusy1

8 Sep 02nd


The Period Drama Meme3/8 HeroesHarry Gordon Selfridge (Mr. Selfridge)

These are uncertain times. So it’s more important than ever to pull together and look to the loyalty and love of those around us.

16 Sep 02nd
119 Sep 01st
141 Sep 01st

Hi guys! This is me. I guess I just wanted to share to you guys that I started college last Monday as a freshman! I’m majoring in fashion design. Maybe I’ll show some of my work later. Things have been slow, but I’ll try to have more Mr. Selfridge posts this week. Thanks for following Selfridged!

2 Sep 01st


Edwardian collar.


560 Sep 01st


One of my favorite parts of Mr Selfridge: the many faces of Kitty.

13 Sep 01st
29 Sep 01st


21 Aug 30th


Calum Callaghan (George Towler) does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! He was apparently challenged by Amy Morgan (who plays Grace), but I can’t find her video.

10 Aug 27th