Craving for some of that rose chocolates.

2 Apr 19th #mr selfridge


Mr Selfridge (2013) - Aisling Loftus e Trystan Gravelle sono Agnes Towler e Victor Colleano

5 Apr 19th
Hey how are u?? Your a mr,selfridge fan like me, just wondering do u ever feel guilty or wring for shipping Henri & ages?? After everything victor has done for her?? Would ole to talk to about the show it self, but i just want to know if it's ok it have always liked more and known they will end up together, I feel so bad for victor.

Hello! I’ve never felt guilty for shipping Letowler. Henri and Agnes just have the perfect chemistry that Victor and Agnes don’t. I love how Henri expresses his pride for what Agnes has accomplishes (studying in Paris, becoming head is display, being on the paper, etc.)

Doesn’t mean that I don’t like Victor…

2 Apr 19th #mr selfridge
62 Apr 18th

if you ever question my patriotism or personal integrity again, we’ll exchange more than words. Is that clear?

58 Apr 18th

Miss Mardle | series one.

90 Apr 18th
14 Apr 18th

Jeremy Piven on the Queen Latifah Show playing the drums ASDHFASDFKALJDFLKA

Apr 17th

Every traveller has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering.” 

― Charles Dickens

34 Apr 17th


Irish Lace Gown


Augusta Auctions

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